Collapsing Ideas

A study of integrating two game genres: bullet hell shooters and Rogue-like games.
Tried to eliminate the ability difference between the player and enemies (which is common in many 2D shooter games).

  • Each actor (player or enemy) carries one or more "Ideas".
  • An "Idea" (or ἰδέα) here is something that works as an equipment (mainly as a weapon).
  • The size of each actor depends on the number of its Ideas.
  • If an enemy is damaged, it may drop one of its Ideas (which will be shown as a regular triangle) and the player has a chance to absorb it, and vice versa.
  • Each Idea has its own name (shown in the message window), own firing pattern and sometimes a hidden effect (e. g. improve the defense).

Z key: Shoot
SHIFT key: Block (slow down & reduce damages from enemy bullets)
Arrow keys: Move